Feldenkrais technique is the type of physical therapy connecting brain or whole body activities can help to improve your body ability to turn easily or in comfort ways, to reduce friction, swelling joints inflammation and it also help to improve cycles of pain as well as tension. This massage helps in your nervous system, so you can easily learn and function at your best, how your brain change as it learns in the terms of science called it “neuroplasticity”. This therapy develop by Israeli physicist Moshe Feldenkrais, is a way of retraining the whole body. The retraining the body in two modes called ATM OR FI.

This method or modes is available in two forms:

•    Awareness through movement(ATM) called do- itself method
•    Functional integration(FI) called Hand-on-session method

Awareness through movement method is usually done by lying on floor or sitting in the chair and functional integration method are usually done by the guide certified practitioner who has complete knowledge with experiences. This method is appropriates suitable in all ages of people and abilities. Who can takes benefits through this therapy are:- 

•    Suitable of all ages of people from babies, children, younger one to senior citizens
•    Those people whose works may involves repetitive tasks
•    Those people who are interested in preventive stiffness pain, stress or strain
•    Suitable for dancer, musician, athletic, doctors, engineers or actors which have recurrent injuries or pain simply wish to improve functioning or body posture in normal routines
•    Suitable for those people who are interested to improve balance, increase flexibility and co-ordination

Massage is the action of such rubbing or kneading of manipulation the parts of body tissues by trained or professional, as by the stroking or application of force applied by pressure, to affect a physiological response, improving circulation motion of body or reduce pain.

Feldenkrais therapy exercises improve our quality or ease of motion, improve our coordination, our body activities, sense of balance, provide comfort, control our whole body parts ability to turn easily in relaxing ways. Massage therapy Vancity in BC is the right place to provide the profit between the brain and whole body-mind framework and so improve our body functioning parts, motion, movements and psychological state response such as pain reduction or improved circulation.